Monday, August 1, 2011

Zee Marathi brings a brand new show: Ekach Ya Janmi Janu

Zee Marathi brings a brand new show
Ekach Ya Janmi Janu
Starting from 1st August – Monday to Saturday @ 8.00 pm

It’s a simple story of an ordinary girl, Anjali. She is beautiful, smart, ambitious & very kind; almost a near to perfect girl. A girl who is high on her values & strong in her determination.
The only unfair thing with Anjali is her leg deformity which is an element of extreme worry for her parents. But Anjali is worrying neither about her deformity nor about her future. She is not regretting anything and enjoying every moment of her life fullest. Confident in her destiny, Anjali is searching her love of life until she meets Shrikant.
Shrikant & Anjali falls in love and ties a knot , eliminating the worry of Anjali’s parents about her future. Anjali is also happy and looking forward to her life with Shrikant. But is this the future of Anjali or something else is written in her life? Will Shrikant’s past reflect in their future? All the answers will be unfolded with every episode of Ekach Ya Janmi Janu .
Ekach Ya Janmi Janu is a production of Tell-a-tale media, produced by Mahesh Tagde & Jitendra Gupta. The duo Mahesh Tagde & Mangesh Kathale is directing the series. Ashwini Shende has written the title song; Nilesh Mohrir has composed it and it is sung by Vaishali Samat. Tejaswini Pandit, a lead actress of critically acclaimed film ‘Sindhutai Sapkal’ is playing the central character Anjali. Other leading cast includes Piyush Ranade, Manasi Salvi, Manasi Kulkarni, Meghana Vaidya, Uday Sabnis, Sulbha Deshpande, Jayant Ghate, Hemangi Rao, Supriya Pathare and Varsha Tandle.

Ekach Ya Janmi Janu – Monday to Saturday @8.00 pm


  1. this serial opening
    is very good
    i like this serial
    i hope this serial achieve award

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  3. This serial is interesting so far. Hope it goes not astray after sometime like all other serials. One Question - "Why is it shown in almost every serial Head of the house (MAN) is DUMB in front of his wife?" I feel it very funny how can a man take to so much nonsense?
    Mrs McBain.

  4. Worst serial. Tejaswini Pandit should not have accepted the role

  5. serial's Title track is composed awesome....!!!! Very nice composition...!!!